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Jamie McDiarmid

Hello, if you are here then you have stumbled onto my new blog. First of all welcome and thanks for coming to visit. Chances are if you have come to visit my site then you are probably very much interested in Independence and politics. Well you are in a good place. I have found a passion for research and writing all things politics so that is why I’ve decided to amen this blog, but first of all I think its best to get to know me first, So here is a little bit about me.

I was born in 1999 in Glasgow and brought up in Cumbernauld. I studied at Our Lady’s High School in Cumbernauld for 6 years before going to City of Glasgow College to study HNC Business which I completed in 2018. In September of 2018 I started my degree at the University of Stirling studying Business and Politics. I also made the decision to move to Stirling. I began to slowly lose interest in the business side of things and started to explore other options and this is where I became interested in International Relations and soon after switched my degree to a BA (hons) International Politics.

I have now completed my undergraduate degree and have graduated with a 2:1 in International Politics. I am now moving onto a MSc International Conflict at the University of Stirling while also developing a PhD proposal surrounding the topic of the refugee situation in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion.

My interest in Politics

My interests in politics began when the independence referendum first took place at the age of 14. Although this is when I started becoming political I never really was as involved as I am today. I remember at first being in support of the No side but the more I started to look and do my own research I slowly started to see myself supporting the the Yes campaign. I wouldn’t really become more active in politics until 2016 where I voted in my very first election (it was for Jamie Hepburn in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth for the Scottish Parliament).

A couple of months after the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections I would go on to join the SNP and attend my first branch meeting. This would be the start of my political journey. My first campaign I got involved with was the 2017 Council Elections and then the snap 2017 UK General Election. The more I campaigned the more I took an interest in issues that really affected the way people lived. I would continue to be involved for may years. Once I started University I soon joined SUSNA (Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association) and got involved in student politics on campus. My first campaign I got involved in since moving to Stirling would be the 2019 European Parliament Elections where I also first got to meet City of Stirling SNP branch (I hadn’t originally transferred branch). After a while I transferred branch and ended up becoming the branch Press Secretary later that month.

Another big achievement while in my first year of University was when I set up the University of Stirling Students for Independence. My big goal for the society was to bring people together that supported Independence so we could campaign together for a common goal.

At the last general election in 2019 I had an amazing opportunity as part of Alyn Smiths campaign to run an online campaign through our branch social media accounts. I had the task of creating targeted adverts for areas around the constituency and through this I found an interest in political communication. I have subsequently worked on the campaign of Evelyn Tweed to become elected as MSP for Stirling.

So, that is just a brief little history about me, I could’ve added so much more but honestly it would be such a long read but I might add more in the future. I am still very actively involved in politics and currently looking at policy development especially around the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. I am also currently working on multiple projects including two papers, one on a parliamentary republic and another on a Scottish Constitution. So please subscribe to this blog and look out for some more content. THANK YOU.

Main Interests
  • Scottish Politics
  • International Relations
  • Democracy
  • European Politics
  • Migration and Refugee Movements
  • Independence
  • Political Parties and Political Systems
  • Human Rights
  • International Organisations
  • Social and Global Justice

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